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Dawkinsia filamentosa Data Deficient

filament barb, redfin blackspot barb







18.00 cm

More commonly get to around 10 or 13 cm, but I have heard of one that was 18 cm.


Semi-aggressive, Community

Generally peaceful, but avoid keeping them with other fish that have long flowing fins as they might nip at them a bit. Very active and need a large tank. These fish are shoaling so they should be kept in a group of at least 5.



Tank Size

250.00 L

150.00 cm x 40.00 cm


15.0 C - 30.0 C


pH: 6.8-7.5 Whatever it is, keep it consistent and they should do well.



Other Information

Should be kept in groups of at least 5, but ideally 8 or more. Filament barbs are very active fish so they need a large tank. I would say that these are a decent substitute for bala/silver sharks and tinfoil barbs, since they stay a decent amount smaller.


Spawning Method


I spawned mine on accident when I moved them out of quarantine. I would recommend putting them in a large tank with lots of moss, subwassertang, spawning mops, anything that the eggs can fall into and the parents won't be able to get them. Once they have spawned, move the parents back to their main tank so they eat as few eggs and fry as possible.

Spawn Size

30 fry

Breeding Season or Trigger

Plenty of food and a water change with slightly cooler water should do the trick.

Fry Care

The fry become free-swimming about 24 hours after hatching, which is when they start needing food. I was lazy and just kept them in a tank with lots of detritus on the bottom, which gave them plenty to eat. Occasionally I would also put in some very finely crushed flake. Once they had grown enough, they readily ate flakes and eventually pellets. When filament barbs are born, they have three vertical black stripes along their body to help them hide from predators (for example their parents). As they grow, the front two stripes will disappear and the back stripe will turn into a dot at the base of the tail.



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a juvenile filament barb Image Credit: Elias's Fishroom
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the same fish a few months later Image Credit: Elias's Fishroom
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adult male filament barb Image Credit: The Wet Spot Tropical Fish