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Procambarus clarkii Not Evaluated

Louisiana Redclaw, Ghost Crayfish, Red Swamp Crayfish







12.70 cm

Males have larger claws and generally are a bit larger than females



Will eat anything they can catch, potentially seen as food by other fish



Tank Size

37.85 L


18.9 C - 24.4 C


These crayfish are not picky and thrive in a variety of parameters. Generally they like harder water and need calcium for strong exoskeletons. While they can tolerate a wide range of parameters, they do best with clean water and consistency.



Other Information

These crayfish are best kept alone and can come in a wide variety of beautiful colors. They will eat most (if not all) plants as well as any fish they can catch. I have been successful keeping them with small fry (like guppies).

While I keep them individually as adults, I raise the juveniles together. As long as there are adequate hiding places, this is usually okay. One common strategy is to make a sort of pyramid or hotel using terracotta or pvc.


Spawning Method

Egg-layer (Parental Care)

Male will pin the female and fertilize the eggs, female will lay the eggs on swimmerets and carry them until they hatch.

Spawn Size

150 fry

Breeding Season or Trigger


Fry Care

The female will carry the eggs under her tail and fan them to provide oxygen and clean water. This prevents fungus from growing, however some eggs will be nonviable and start to mold. The female will usually remove these.
If stressed, it is possible that the female will drop her eggs. After they hatch, the young crayfish will stay on the tail or around the mother for a few days, at which point she can be removed from the tank.

There is a high rate of cannibalism among crayfish of any age, and this usually happens after a molt when the exoskeleton is soft and vulnerable. The young are self-sufficient and will eat the same diet as the adults.